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    My boyfriend's best mate's girlfriend and I used to go for drinks but I tailed it off as I was sick of her lies. She has been unemployed for 11 months and tells her boyfriend she looks for jobs but tells others she has been watching TV and doing housework. I even found websites for her but she kept fobbing me off with fake email addresses that didn't work so I couldn’t send the links.

    6 weeks ago she said she bagged a job at a hospital as a hostess and said she beat 200 applicants. I text her a week ago and she says they are waiting on a reference. I think she is lying as she is going away for 2 weeks tomorrow so that means it would nearly be 2 months since she was offered the position which I don't think an employer would wait that long. She said to me last year her plan is to get pregnant soon cos she is in her late 20s and time is pushing on. I think she is trying to annoy everyone by not working so her boyfriend will say ‘lets have a baby’ but apparently he said he won’t buy a house unless she's earning. Why is she lying?

    tbh...it's her and her boyfriends business. maybe show your concern to her bf... but I wouldn't get involved. If you're sick of her lying to you, then talk to her about it.

    i have a friend like this. i expect she feels insecure. do you have a job/ studying? Cos she isnt she probab;y feels that she has to impress you guys and live up to you. My friend has started lying about this sort of thing since dropping out of college and gets huffy if we talk about uni or college.

    Maybe she just doesnt have the confidence to go for a job and get it.

    I know that sounds rediculous, but the majority of unemployed people are actually nervous of work, as they are out of the habit of holding down a long term job.
    Perhaps the pressure that other people are putting on her is forcing her to lie in order to keep them off her back.

    I can see why its frustrating, but I don't see why her not having a job should get in the way with you socialising with her. The two should be quite seperate issues.
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