“Boyfriend” going on lads holiday!

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I’ve been very close with a guy on and off for 3 years, it was just a fwb thing however recently we’ve both realised that we have feelings for one another. However we haven’t decided to make it official until our Uni results come through, as we don’t want to break something apart if we end up going to different uni’s as it probably wouldn’t work! Anyway.. that’s the backstory between him and I. For the past 4 months or so we have been very close and basically “seeing each other” without the labels. However... he’s going to Zante next week and has told me that he is going to get with girls as after all “that is what clubbing holidays are for”! However it doesn’t mean anything because “we’re not going out” and “he’ll never see them again” . Do you think I have the right to be annoyed at this, 1)considering if In a months time we get into the same Uni we will most likely make it official/exclusive (an indicator on how serious we are) and 2) he’s blatantly said this to my face- as if there’s nothing wrong with this. I’m so torn as it’s confusing as we are not boyfriend and girlfriend therefore do I have the right to be annoyed?! Helpppp
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He's single so he's technically not doing anything wrong.

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