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    Me and my boyfriend are both students and we have started to think about getting a new place.
    I go to northumbria university and it takes me an hour to get there every morning so its a bit ridiculous...northumbria wouldnt let me stay in halls in my first year as i am apparently "too close" to the uni...

    Me and my boyfriend dont want to live in student accomodation as such, we are looking for private accomodation, but we dont think we could afford this as we obviously dont have full time jobs as we are at uni full time!

    Surely theres some sort of support that we could get to help us get our own place... im in desparate need to move out due to a number of different reasons.

    A friend from work told me that a while back him and his girlfriend were recieving some sort of benefit for being students but he sed that he dont think its there anymore..

    Does anyone know of anything?


    Well I was a student living with my boyfriend and the only benefit we could get was council tax benefit. I don't particularly think there's any benefits that you can get specifically for being students, but you can get benefits for being on low income.

    Like dita_parlo said, the only benefit to students is council tax exemption. Most benefits aren't available to you as students, as if you're taking out the loans and getting the grants then you're not technically on a low income. The only students that I've heard of who have got benefits have been student parents. If you want to move in together then you need to seriously look at the costs - rent, utilities etc and think hard about whether you can afford it. If you're both getting full loans/grants etc, then you possibly could afford a studio or one bed place, I imagine that in Northumberland that'd probably be a fair bit cheaper than if you were both in halls. If it's that important to you, then maybe you could look at supplementing your income with p/t work - if you both have full loans, plus any means-tested grants, plus the income from p/t work, then you'll be fairly comfortable financially as long as you're sensible.

    (Original post by dita_parlo)
    I don't particularly think there's any benefits that you can get specifically for being students, but you can get benefits for being on low income.
    Apart from health care stuff, you can't. Unless you're a student that doesn't need (in the government's eyes) to work. (single parent, disabled, etc)

    Me and my boyfriend live together but in shared accommodation and we have separate rooms which seems a bit silly to some people. He moved in quite early on in the relationship due to desperately needing a new place to live. Even though we have been together for a couple of years we are in no rush to live together alone.

    Is there no way that you could find a room in shared accommodation together? You could maybe live with "proffessionals" if you would rather not live with students. You will still get a lot of "alone time" as me and my boyfriend do.

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