Pros and cons of living on- vs off- campus

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I am an international student and will be studying in HWU Edinburgh for 1 semester only.

What are the pros and cons of on- vs off- campus accommodations?

Of course on-campus is very near, no need to commute to get to class. But I suppose one can also just rent somewhere very near the campus (I heard the campus is very bike-friendly), like about 2 miles away?

I personally don't like taking long commutes (over 15 minutes) and waiting for buses so it may seem like on-campus is just perfect for me. But on-campus seems a bit more expensive and not much better than apartments outside.

Also, I feel like on-campus flatmates would most likely be fellow foreign students, which is not a problem. But I am wondering if that would prevent me from having more local friends and experiencing the culture (i.e. we'll be stuck within our own foreign student bubble lol).

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Hi there,

Its great to hear that you are coming to HWU. There are lots of different things to consider about where you stay and it will be your decision at the end of the day. All full time first year students are guaranteed a place in halls on campus if they apply before the deadline. This means that there are students from Scotland, EU, other parts of the UK and international students all living on campus. It's a great way to meet friends and of course there's no commute required. There's more help on the website at: You may not be guaranteed campus accommodation if you are just visiting for 1 semester but you can still apply.

If you want to stay off campus, Edinburgh has a lot of accommodation in town. It's an easy commute on the bus and takes about 35 minutes to get here from the centre. Edinburgh is a fantastic city to live in and there is loads going on culturally and socially. One thing to consider if you are looking at a private rental is that there will be additional costs eg utility bills, Council Tax, wifi etc and you will also need to think about your commuting costs. Cycling is great in the summer, but maybe not so great in winter.

Hope that helps


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