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    so..i'm not quite sure what's going on. yesterday i broke up with my boyfriend and it was half a relief and i was half sad (of course cuz we'd been together for 10 months) but i'm living overseas atm so we didn't see alot of each other. but fundementally we weren't right for each other and i was doing ok. the past few nights i haven't slept properly cuz i've been trying to figure out how to/if to break up. now that i have i thought it would be over but last night i couldn't stop thinking about him and what i might be missing out on/old times.
    just now my mum and i had a fight and my parents then did cuz dad defended me. and i texted my now ex saying i needed him to tell me it was gonna be ok. which i thought would be ok cuz we agreed to be friends and all and at first he was fine about it, telling me that it wud be ok and everything. not sure why i needed him, just felt like i had no one else to talk to. then i texted something and he took it the wrong way and says 'fine f u try and help and get nothing' and i got a little mad and said something like that's not want i mean but fine, mayb u shud say tat u don't care but i try and depend on u.
    now...i feel so alone cuz now that i'm thinking about it..i have no one to depend on. since moving here, i have alot of friends but none that i really feel i can talk to/can help. and i obviously can't talk to my parents cuz they'll think i'm being stupid and emotional (which might be true). i'm living overseas and i think maybe the stress of it all and this school i'm going to is finally catching up with me and i feel like i have no one. all my friends back home and i have lost contact.
    i don't want to have to pretend to be ok anymore, but i can't cope by myself. i can't stop myself from crying or thinking about things and so now i'm not sleeping either. not sure why i'm feeling like this, but i want it to stop and i don't know how..
    sorry if this seems like just whining...

    Sorry you're feeling like this but things will get better. As you say, you have friends around you and even though they may not seem too close, they can still be a great help. You also have your parents. I doubt they would completely desert you just because of one argument. If you felt you depended on your boyfriend before, you wouldn't have split up with him so just give it some time, I'm sure things will start to look up. Also, you have us TSR people if you ever want to discuss.
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