Don't feel connected to the world and its pissing me off Watch

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Everything's lining up and I think I should be feeling happy/relaxed. And I sort of am, but I also feel so empty, theres a nagging feeling of SOMETHING in my stomach and it just wont go away

I feel like Ive been stuck in a dream for months on end now, sometimes even years but it got worse once exams began. I just feel like Im LITERALLY watching myself do everything, it feels like theres some kind of barrier in between me and the world. Time just seems to progress oddly and sometimes when Im doing stuff I feel like I go blind and then can only see again and gain my bearings when Im sat in my room.

What the **** is this ? I have heard about depersonalisation etc but really just want to vent and see if anyone else has had problems with something similar. Its been getting worse and it wont ****ING GO AWAY. How can I make it go away and get rid of this stupid bubble around my head and feel 'real again'
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feel you brother. try finding yourself, like go somewhere, with friends or even on your own, somewhere relaxing and somewhere where you feel you can reset, even for a few days, i went to paris for a few days and felt like i was able to figure where i could go on from now, what was important and what i needed to do. Also try the simple things like no social media, excercise, contact with those around. although to be honest if its any thing medical or worrying probs best to go to the doc

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