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Right, basically I'm a 16 year old gay Male, my boyfriend is also 16.

We were together a few months and then broke up but got back together again, anyway, that's not important.

My point here is this; The "furthest I've ever gone" with someone is holding hands with him, and it quite literally gave me a *cough* - How lame is that right! 😂

We discussed about our first kiss, which he's had before, and I've obviously never but he also said that he had "thought about more than kissing me" which is quite obvious as to what it means, and asked what I thought about it.

I really want to do whatever he wants to do if that makes sense, but the issue is I've only ever held hands with someone before, that being him! - I don't have a clue about logistically what happens past that, even how to kiss him! - So, has anyone got any tips?

I definitely won't rush into anything I'm not comfortable with, but I'm also wondering if to break this kind of 'ice barrier' I have in my head, whether if it comes to it I ask that he could/we could just masturbate in front me/each other before anything else happens?

Also, I have a fairly large amount of pubic hair, this I want to get rid of, but I don't have a clue how haha.
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There's absolutely nothing 'lame' about any amount of intimate activities at any age, with or without a partner; don't put yourself down - it's not a race and it really doesn't matter.

Talk to your partner about how they feel and explain where you are. There's no need to rush into anything. Intimacy takes practice, trust and communication. Never do anything you don't want to do in bed and if you're feeling pressured then something isn't right. Make sure you stay safe and look after each other's wellbeing.

There's nothing wrong with any amount of pubic hair and some people find lots a turn on. It's your pubic hair to do what you want to with it; not what you think you have to do with it. If you want to remove some the best way is a gentle trim with a pair of scissors. Take off a little at a time until you get it how you like it. Don't cut too close to the skin.
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Kissing will come naturally once you Start doing it more with him.
As for the rest start off by masturbating in front of each other until your comfortable with that.
After that maybe progress to doing it to each other and sucking each other (watch u don't catch it with your teeth).
He obviously wants to start having sex.
If your comfortable enough and want it as well maybe let him take the lead.

Hope it goes me if u need anymore advice. (I'm gay too btw)

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