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Hello, So, I am currently doing a Business Admin Apprenticeship at Level 3 and have been since January 2019. Don’t get me wrong, I love the people I am with but I don’t get excited about my work or feel like I’m particularly being developed. The only time I feel busy is when I’m on my own in the office so yeah not really loving it. My chosen career path is HR. I was doing some searching and found an HR apprenticeship at level 3 near enough to me with the same training provider so I just need some advice on what the consequences are of changing my subject and employer but sticking with the same training provider. Like would it be possible to do that? Would I have to pay anything? Would I have to start my studies all over again? Any advice you guys can give would be so appreciated. Also one final thing, do you think I should go for it or should I stay where I am? Thanks!
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In terms of switching, you'd really need to talk to the training provider about that, but I imagine the downside (if they'll allow you to do it) would probably involve restarting again from scratch, therefore taking longer to complete the Level 3 qualification, when you might just be better off working to get the qualification at the end then go looking for a Level 4 higher/degree apprenticeship next year instead. But it's worth finding out what your options are, and the training provider might be able to suggest some ideas if you're not feeling like you're learning much, or not feeling busy.

if you like the people you're working with, then that's something really positive, Have you had any discussions with the people you work with (and particularly your manager) about ways in which you could get more involved with some more challenging work that will help you progress? If you don't feel like you're busy then it might be good to find out whether there are any background projects or learning tasks that you could be getting on with.

Most office-based jobs usually involve using Microsoft Office, so perhaps you could aim to learn some of the more advanced things you can do with those (for example, Excel spreadsheets can do so many advanced things but most people who use it only know how to do around 10% of the things that Excel can do). You've obviously been there a while so are there any MS-Office tasks that you or other people are doing on a regular basis, which seem a bit long-winded, repetitive or error-prone that maybe you could help to find ways to improve? If noone you're working with can think of things to challenge you or fill your time then you could try to think of a few things and suggest ways to your manager that you might be able to help improve the way that they're doing things with their data/documents/emails/etc.

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