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Over recent years I have been working towards becoming a qualified counsellor, and I would love to work within the education sector and supporting students.

At the moment I looking to apply for mental health and/or student support roles within the education sector (whether it is part of student support services within university or primary/secondary schools).

I have a BSc in Psychology, a Level 2 in Counselling Skills and a Level 3 in Counselling Studies. In the future I plan to continue my training and qualify by doing the Level 4 Diploma.

Can anybody advise me what kind of qualifications schools, universities or student unions look for/require for people applying for these sorts of roles?

Many thanks
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I'm not sure about qualifications but most school based roles will be looking for people with experience of working with young people. If you don't have this, your application won't be very competitive- so it might be worth organising some volunteering. Most adverts will make the level of qualification they are looking for pretty clear, but do be aware that school based roles are often quite competitive as people see them as family friendly.

A lot of schools are also slashing their support staff budgets due to funding cuts.

It might also be worth contacting student support at the uni you're at now and asking them for some careers advice and what they look for when recruiting.

Are you applying for jobs at the moment?

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