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So as you know i am studying BTEC Level 3 Applied Science and some things have come to my attention. My teachers have never told us to memorise the content which our assignments are based on. Units such as organic chemistry and physiology of the human body have some pretty complicated stuff but i'm not sure whether i am supposed to learn it or not. Thinking about it now when i get to university and study my chosen course it is going to be really difficult for me because i won't remember anything that i learnt.

Should i learn the whole textbook for the first year of Applied Science over the summer as i have more than enough time or should i learn the A Level Biology and Chemistry AS textbooks so i have a better understanding of the content for when i get to university because there might be some people who did A Levels in the same class as me surely they would come out with better grades on tests!

I don't know what to do right now because i feel like i have wasted a whole year pulling all nighters trying to complete my coursework which i successfully did and came out with D*D* for my first year of studying the course. I originally wanted to study A Level Biology and Chemistry but i was a few marks below in my GCSE Maths so that idea wasn't pursued.

I'm just thinking if i learn the Biology and Chemistry textbooks for AS i will have a lot more knowledge for when i go to university. I am trying to make my life as easy as possible because i have been stuck in a rough patch most of my life but i'm trying to turn that around.

Anyway what do you guys think please let me know and i'll answer any further questions some of you make have
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Ummmm I’m kinda on the same boat right now. What course are you planning on studying? Memorising won’t help if you don’t u detest and the content so I wouldn’t recommend doing that.

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