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Hi, I am starting the PGCE Primary at Liverpool Hope this September 2019. My other half and I are a young couple moving over from NI looking for a 1 bedroom flat/apartment - we are looking for private accommodation as St.Michael's Halls only offer single occupancy rooms. Would anyone be able to recommend the nicest areas to live in Liverpool with good transport connections? - Not sure if it is best to look for a flat close to the Halls to be close to other PGCE students or city centre? Considering bringing my car so have been put off living in the city centre because of the restrictions! We also quite like the sound of the Sefton Park / Lark Lane area...If any previous Hope/ PGCE students have any advice on accommodation that would be great
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Hi - sorry you haven't had a response to this yet. I'm just going to bump the thread in the hope that someone sees this and can help

Why do I do this?

The Universities forums get a lot of questions that are unanswered. This is often because the OP's thread got missed - bumping threads gives them another lease of life and frequently results in someone seeing it and being able to respond

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Hello Lauren!

There are lots of areas in Liverpool that are great to live in but there are definitely some in particular that I would recommend. Having moved myself from N. Ireland I know that depending on your budget for travel, transport of items, deposit etc some areas may not be possible but here are some to consider!

#1 Aigburth Road/Lark Lane - Definitely my number one choice. If you have the budget or are nifty enough to find a good price on a smaller flat then this is one of those areas that is a dream to live in.

It is right next to local transport that gets you to and from the city centre, airport and even both of our campuses (Our free shuttle bus even goes to this area). In addition to this you will be right next to many bars, restaurants, local shops and Sefton Park which when all added together make it a tough spot to beat. In my opinion it ticks so many boxes it'd be hard to list them all.

With this said you will have to be diligent in researching for a good price and ensuring you snap up the property before someone else takes it because flats can go within 24 hours of going up!

#2 Smithdown - Looking at an area not too far from the Taggart Avenue campus this is an area that stands out for its student presence. Whether you are a Liverpool Hope, LJMU or University of Liverpool Student you will be bound to meet someone who lives in this area. :five:

Smithdown is close to Greenbank park and no matter what end of the road you are on it is a stones throw away from a bus, shop, bar, restaurant or takeaway (so essentially everything). Should you need to get into the city centre or you need to get to the airport then buses are your go-to options!

#3 Baltic Triangle - Very close to the city centre but just shy of it the Baltic Triangle is a hotspot for quirky and artsy characters.:groovy:

It is definitely for the creative types and offers many social events right at your doorstep. The main issue I would say (not that I have lived there) would be your general shopping. You are close that you could walk to everything social but it can be a 15 minute walk to the nearest supermarket.

#4 City Centre - If you find the city centre appealing then you can look at living slap bang in the heart of Liverpool. You are surrounded by the buzz of the city and have the ability to travel from Lime Street station or Liverpool ONE bus centre depending on where you need to go. As you are in the heart of the city it can be fairly pricey however with the entire city at your doorstep for a job opportunity it might just be worth it in the end.

I hope this all helps you for preparing the move to Liverpool. If you have any more questions be sure to let us know

Patrick :lep:

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