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Basically Idk what career path should I take.Ik this probably sounds ridiculous to some of yous but I am really confused and when I can’t decide on one thing I get stressed so much about it.
My 2 options are law and fashion marketing degrees (Ik 2 complete different degrees) but I love them both and idk which one would be better for my future. I do like the idea of prosecuting people and being in the courtroom it’s just gives me this feeling that I cannot describe.With fashion is similar, I am really interested in fashion but especially from the marketing side since I also like business and I like how it is flexible too meaning that I can study in England but then to move to USA if I ever want to not like with law where I would have to get a degree there and study.
What do you guys think (btw I will be going onto my 2nd year of A levels and we begin to write our personal statements so I kind of need an idea now on what I want to do)
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U need to do some work experience asap in both fields, thatll help u out

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