Could a school get into trouble if a PGCE student complains/raises an issue? Watch

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Hi there,

Well right now I am typing up some issues for a form that needs to be seen by a panel to decide whether or not I should resit placement as I failed my second placement.

I had discussed a few things with someone from the Student Union and they suggested to include certain points which I had raised in regards to placement/teachers there. The thing is I don't want anyone to get in to trouble. So, I am feeling really reluctant in providing evidence in regards to that specific issue.

So I wanted to ask, if I talk about the specific issue and attach some related evidence, will it get them into trouble from the university? I really hope not! The issue wasn't so bad, but is worthwhile mentioning in the form after discussing with the student union person, but it requires evidence attached with it which I'm not sure I should attach.
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This is all very cryptic but, if you feel you have a valid grievance, you should attach the evidence.

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