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I'm looking to study in Germany. I already have an undergrad degree from here (UK) - in Chemistry. However I'm looking to study accountancy instead.

My questions are:

1. Can I apply for an accountancy masters at all? or would it need to be undergrad?

2. Can I do undergrad whilst already holding an undergrad degree?

3. I think I read somewhere the deadline to apply is 15th July?

4. Anyone studying in Germany than can give me some advice regarding the process etc?

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Hi. I thought I'd answer in case you're still looking for some help.

1. Normally you'd need your BA to be a direct qualification for your MA in Germany. This might be different if you look into private universities. If there is an MA in accountanc that interests you, check the Zulassungsbedingungen, most times there will be an indication of how many ECTS they expect you to have in what field to qualify.

2. Most definitely, you can always do another undergrad. There might be a policy for Zweitstudienbewerber. If you did some optional modules during your BA you already hold that could be relevant to the new one, try to have that recognised (Anrechnungsverfahren), that could save you some time/work.

3. Correct, in most cases 15th July is the application deadline. You should however check for each programme.

4. As an international applicant you most probably need to apply via uni-assist:
I think the vast majority of universities in Germany use that platform to manage their international applications. There are a few that might let you apply directly, you would have to check with each university. Unfortunately, uni-assist demands application fees.

Hope that helps a tiny bit but I know it's possibly a bit late for this year's intake. There is the Losverfahren from August on, but don't know how that works for international applicants. If you get into contact with unis maybe ask about that procedure as a last resort?
Wishing you all the best!

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