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heres the story - excuse the bad grammar and punctation etc, i really cba

i picked bio and chem and psych for alevel

my 6th form requires a grade 6 to do that subject at alevel
i want to do medicine at uni - therefore i need to do chemistry and another science (chem and bio) at alevel

i reckon i aced chem, so im good there
and i reckon i got at least a 6 in psych (im usually a grade 8 in psych but paper 2 didnt agree with me)

but for bio... paper 2 really messed me up, i might still be able to wangle a 6, but im kinda scared i wont. theres a decent possibility i wont

my reserve (i picked all this at the start of yr 11 mind) is physics.
i picked physics as reserve in case bio or psych dont work out and i dont get the 6, because as i said, i need chemistry and another science to do med at uni

thing is now though, im looking back and im genuinely scared i may have fluffed bio and might not get a 6.
this would be alright because if i fail bio, i got physics as my reserve science to get me into medicine uni.
but now theres a problem
i hate physics

i did an induction day recently and found out that physics at alevel is even worse than i thought and I really really dont wanna do it. So i should switch it right?

and i want to switch it
i really do
i cant, because i wanna do medicine at uni - and for that i need chemistry and a science.
ive got chem
and for another science, well i may not be able to do bio and i hate phys (and dont even suggest maths)

so what do i do?? help?

so what do i do?
a)- drop physics and switch it for another reserve and hope that i did better than i thought in bio and i wont even need to bring in my reserve
- keep physics in case i did fluff my bio.

the outcomes are if i keep physics as my reserve are...
if i did fluff my bio; i must do physics alevel. (i think we all know how impossible doing a subject you dont like at alevel is)
if i didnt fluff my bio; i will proceed to do chem/bio and psych which is fine

the outcomes if i change physics as my reserve are...
if i did fluff my bio; i cant do med at uni which i wanna do
if i didnt fluff my bio; i will proceed to do chem/bio and psych which is fine

also do you reckon the grade boundaries go up or down this year?
last year a 6 was 43%
i think i got this at least, but what if they go up!

im so sorry for the pain i put u through for reading that. i really am. my head is so scattered
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First of all stop panicking !! You haven’t even got your result yet , most people do panic ,I get that but you are over stressing because I am sure you have done a lot better than you think you have !! Also if you don’t do as well as you want to , at least you can say you tried !! Now I also wanted to do medicine at one point but realised you had to do bio and chem , and in my case I was awful at Chem and ended up getting a C in it at GCSE but an A* in Bio. And now I am studying for a degree in biomedical sciences, so all I can say to you is u might want to do something but you may be destined for something else . But bio for med is a must,likewise chemistry is too. Maybe look around at different courses to see what a levels they accept etc. I am sure you would be able to do pharmacy if you did chem !! Anyway, I hope this helped

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