Am I Unemployable in law with a D at NAT 5 Maths? Watch

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I've just started 6th year and I'm becoming increasingly worried about the D I got in NAT 5 maths and whether it will impact my future in law. While I am perfectly able to get into a university course for law without the national 5, I wonder whether any law firm would employ me. At national 5 I got 4 As (one in physics) 1 B and the D in maths. At higher I'm expecting to get at least 4As and 1B and one of the As I'm more confident in is physics. Should I resit national 5 maths this year or is it unnecessary?
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National 5 Maths with a D grade isn't great, but it's still a whole lot better than not having National 5 Maths with a D grade!

We've actually been here before. In the early 1970s, the O Grade exam was extended to give D or E grades for results which would previously have been a fail. Somewhat unexpectedly, schools started to put forward many, many more candidates for these O Grades, and employers were more than happy to accept the new D or E grades. There were other options available, with some Scottish schools offering the easier English CSE (Mode 3) qualification instead, but attempting and doing 'badly' at an O Grade was seen as the better option.

Yes, there will always be some jobs that absolutely require N5 Maths at C grade or above, but you will likely find that an HND or Degree becomes far more important than what you did in school. And if lack of a better Maths qualification does become an issue for you when you're older, you can always go back and resit then. Age and experience can make a huge difference.

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