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Hi all, I’ve been on the mini pill for nearly 4 years now and for the first 3 and a half I rarely had periods. Recently, I’ve been having them VERY frequently, I’ve kept a diary and I’ve had about 5 in 6/7 weeks. It’s all very dark brown ‘blood’. I went to the doctors before for a different reason and mentioned this and they said it’s fine. It’s starting to worry me a bit now though. The mini pill I take is Noriday. Any opinions of what it could be or what I should do?
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It may just be spotting which is normal. When I was on the shot I’d spot a month in advance to my next shot. On the pill I spot a couple days in advance to my period.
You could have a PH imbalance which there’s soaps like summers eve that u can use to clean down there that helps.
If it doesnt improve I’d suggest seeing a doctor who specified in things like that.
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