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I’ve just finished my btec diploma in health and social care with a MP grade and 670 points. It’s disappointing in some regards and never where I wanted to be at the start of the year but all things considered I’m so happy and relieved I got through this year. I could have worked harder got all my assignments in sooner rather than leaving them to the last minute and put my back in to it a bit more. But I have had very bad mental health problems and drinking problems which have contributed to my lack of motivation and not liking going to college struggling
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Hi, so sorry to hear that you're struggling with mental health problems. I did a diploma in health and social care with C&G (City and Guilds Level 3). My diploma consisted of 23 modules and 66 credits in total. I am not too sure the Btec you did in health and social care is the same as mine, but I did manage to get into uni with my diploma. I also have GCSEs Math, English and Biology all are grade 4. So, in my honest opinion, I would suggest you try to have some counselling to put your mental health back on track before you decide to take further in education. Or, you can try to do a foundation year (it is more manageable and help to boost your self-esteem) if you want to stay in education. Either way, it is not the end of the world, and you should be so proud of yourself for managing to complete your Btec with an MP. Hope this help and good luck:-)

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