How to do revision in the summer holidays yet relax before year 11

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I’m currently in year 10, i worked extremely hard at the beginning of the year but when in came to the start of April (I was close to my year 10 mocks) I was kind of burned out and had no energy to do any more work. So I didn’t do my best in those exams, now I don’t feel like doing any work either. We’ve two weeks left until the summer holidays , which is good because I asked for advice about me feeling exhausted and unable to do any work and everyone told me that I need a break where I don’t do anything. But the problem is : as a result of being exhausted I was procrastinating and didn’t revise properly for my exams. Now I’ve got loads of work to catch up on from things that I did not do proper revision for before my exams and things that we are currently taking that I didn’t revise for. In addition to that I need to catch up with year 9 gcse work that they did and I wasn’t there at this time so I need to finish on my own. I’ve got only 6 weeks of holiday and I feel so overwhelmed by the amount of work that I need to catch up on before year 11 because I want to have a fresh start in year 11 yet I need to rest. I feel so confused and don’t know what to do. Can someone give me an advise ASAP.
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Firstly, chill. I’m a fairly good student in terms of grades and stuff and during my GCSEs (Just completed) I was covering an entire course a day - in pretty good detail as well tbf. I slacked off on two papers where I was burnt out so you don’t want to do that either. The summer holidays AND all of year 11 (despite being told you only have x amount of days) is more than enough for you to get this done.

The first step I took to structure my revision was create a timetable - if not lessons then it’s just better to know what times every day you’re available, make it an hour or maybe two and that’ll be enough. Remember, you can always go back or continue doing more if you feel like doing so.

Then, for subjects such as the sciences you have a pretty good way to just follow the books linearly, I assume you have revision guides. For subjects such as English Literature I did the texts I despised first, then revised the poems / texts I enjoyed as a reward. Structure is very important.

Finally, chill out. You sound very stressed and that isn’t good for any goals you may have. I guarantee you will do well in your real exams because you seem to have a very good sense of ambition.

Good luck.

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