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I'm facing a choice between TU Delft and EPFL for computer science, I applied this year and got accepted to TU Delft, and completed the requirements for EPFL (I have 42 points in IB), so I suppose I should also get acccepted there. Although I know EPFL is ranked higher in QS rankings, I'm not sure this really matters at this point, both universities are very hard and I suppose they get similar recognition for finding a job. At TU Delft, I would probably have to learn Dutch in parallel to my studies, while I know French, which is needed at EPFL. I like the Swiss scenery and weather better, but at the same time, I've heard the Netherlands is an awesome place to live in, mainly because of the people.

I would be interested in any experience any of you might share about the unis or countries to help me make a decision, I'm really beginning to stress out because I have no clue what to do and I have a very limited time to decide myself.

Thank you!
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Hi! I dont live too far away from the EPFL, and I go there for my exams! I dont know much about the netherlands, but i can tell you a bit more about switzerland
Firstly just looking at the names, EPFL is extremely well known and being a student there is quite exceptional - if you make it through the first year!
The campus is shared with the UNIL (Université de lausanne) and it is spacious, beautiful, and food trucks come by nearly every day switzerland is a beautiful country to live in, and Lausanne is really student friendly! There are bars, shops, restaurants around every corner. I rarely see older people there - mostly uni students!
If you need more info id be happy to help
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Hi, which university did you end up choosing, Delft or EPFL? I’m in the same situation

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