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I got my IB results on Friday, and I found that although I met 3 out of the 4 conditions that I need to get into Oxford to study chemistry (40 points, 7 in HL chem and bio) I haven't met my offer because I got a 6 in SL maths (needed a 7).
Obviously, I would love to go to Oxford, but I do have Birmingham as a backup, which is still a good option.
Looking at my results, I would need 5% more to get that 7 in maths, which seems a lot for an objective subject. However, I am 2% off a 7 in English and Spanish, so I'm wondering if it's worth them getting remarked to potentially get more points to bargain with.
Any advice on whether or not to remark?
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I think it's unlikely to make a difference if your English or Spanish marks go up, because they aren't really "relevant" to your prospective subject area (which maths very much is).

Also bear in mind, your marks can go down in a remark, so it is a gamble; you could jeopardize your Birmingham place. As an anecdote, the IB cohort the year above mine had all of their English IAs remarked because many got lower than expected; a few went up, but one girl went down from a 7 to a 6, and lost her offer to study medicine at Cambridge as a result.

My advice is to proceed with caution, and consider realistically whether the remark is actually going to make a difference (and if this prospect is worth the risk of it having a negative effect).

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