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Brief story of my life. In high school I was quite a popular person but outside of school I only had 1 friend. I've always been a shy sort of person and found it hard to ask people to hang out outside of school. Leaving school I knew I was going to be a loner but at the time I loved video games so it didn't really bother me much as I was happy just to sit in, in the evenings and on weekends. Slowly as time has gone on I've began to feel more and more lonely. I'm now 20 and have practically lived the past 4-5 years of my life alone and now realise that I have a real problem and I should have done more to make friends when I was at school and keep I contact with them after leaving. I've missed out on so many things in the past few years like clubbing and parties and I'm afraid that I'm never going to meet girls and get married. I'm now getting past the stage of video games and all want are friends to go out with at the weekend as right now I feel like I'm existing and just trying to pass the time cause I've nothing to do with myself. Having no friends has made me become somewhat religious and I pray every night that someday my life will change. During the day at work I can try not to think about it too much but when I come home I just sit in my room and when I'm really feeling down cry myself to sleep. Everything in my life is going well but my quality of life is nothing without having other people in my life. Personally I've realised that no matter how good other aspects of your life are, having other people in your life is by far most important. I sometimes think about suicide but not in a very serious way, I'm far from that stage yet but I sort of understand why people do it because loneliness especially at this stage of life is not a nice experience. I have 1 friend in my life at the moment who's done so much for me in trying to get me out more but they don't know truly how I feel. Would love to talk to a councillor or someone about my current circumstances just cant get the courage to go and speak to someone. I know someday though that I'll just not be able to bottle it up anymore and someone's going to find out and I I'll be the best thing for me is to tell someone, but its harder than it seems. If I ever do make friends or get married someday no one will understand how much it will mean to me as I feel like I've ruined my life in the past 4-5 years. Lastly I just want to emphasise how important it is to make friends when your young because you want to end up like me, one of the worst feelings in the world. Thanks to anyone who reads this just wanted to share.
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I think the more you think about seeking help the more you will psych yourself out. It's best to just go for it. You won't lose anything by seeking help, you will just gain if you get the right help.

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