GDL results vs LLB results;high 1st class foreign LLB, but only low GDL Commendation Watch

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Hi all!

First of all, sorry if this post would belong to some other already existing discussion.

I am not from the UK and I do not have any relatives, friends etc who work in the legal sector and could give me advice or their opinions. Therefore, any opinions and/or personal experience would be highly appreciated since by googling I mostly got recommendations to neck myself if I did not graduate from Oxford with 1st.

International student (EU)
High first class LLB (top 1-2%) from a top continental European law faculty
A semester studied at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, term GPA over the 1st class threshold
GDL results simply disappointing: Overall 62%. contract law 72%, criminal law, land law etc ~50%)

I just received my GDL results. For the first time ever I am quite disappointed with my results and would like to hear opinions from people who are a bit more familiar with the legal sector. I just got my GDL results and, as I expected, the results were quite disappointing; I got a low commendation (62%). Now I am worried that this will destroy my hopes of securing a TC at a top US/UK firm in London and I will have to return to Europe to pursue a career. Am I just being an irrational nerd focusing too much on high grades?

As to the GDL exams, I was simply way too overconfident and thought that I could just use the same strategy/approach as I used during my previous law studies. As you might guess, this was a major mistake. The exams were nothing I was used to and my exam technique was simply inadequate. I was not prepared for the exam structure used by my GDL provider, went way too much into details and ran out of time. Frankly, If I could change everything now, I would focus less on learning the law and more on practicing the required structure. Somehow, I still managed to get 72% from my contract law exam (no idea how I got this), but rest of the grades were just.. not good enough, I am afraid.

I know that an overall result of 62% meets the minimum requirements most firms have, but I am still worrying that this low commendation will weigh me down and ruin my chances, especially since I failed to secure a vacation scheme at a City law firm (I do have some relevant work/voluntary experience though). Do City law firms usually consider GDL results as very important or do they focus more on the undergrad degree? Do I still have a real chance of securing a training contract at a top City law firm or do I now need to demonstrate very exceptional extracurricular achievements to convince the HR teams to offer me an interview/Assessment centre invitation? I have heard people saying that most firms do not care that much about GDL grades, but I kind of doubt that this is actually the case.

I will obviously apply for training contracts, but I would like to hear some opinions on whether I should also look for alternative options. A Masters/LPC before a TC is not really an option, for I do not think that it would take me an inch closer to a TC.

Thanks in advance if you spent your time on reading this.
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Which university?

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