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I just got my cartilage piercing using a gun. It’s almost 3 weeks old and it gets red, hot, and swollen whenever it’s hot. Is it normal? My piercer gave my a solution called “Dr. Pierce.” It’s for anti bacterial. I don’t think it’s working so I went to the doctor and they gave me “Fucidin H Cream” they said it’s helps cool down the swelling, but my cartilage is still swollen. I can’t sleep because i’m worried about what might happen. What should I do?
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You should maybe go back to the piercer and get their advice because they should know what’s best to do. Personally I would double check that the back of the earring isn’t pushed too far against your ear (because that can cause swelling) and if that doesn’t help then I’d remove the earring. It might be the type of metal in the earring causing a reaction, silver, gold and surgical steel shouldn’t, but cheaper metals might.

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