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I decided to move out to another city
And start a new life for uni and permanently
But now i feel so damn lonely
I don’t know i feel i missed the life back home
Though i was restricted in every way
In the way i dress they way i act
And mostly i wasn't allowed to go out with friends not that i had any
So to gain my independence i decided to move far away
But thats all went down hell cause now i feel extremely lonely and miserable
And i missed my house my family and how we used to talk and go out and our fun
Now am all alone and have no friends
I had one friend and she showed that shes too busy for me
I am really contemplating going back at this moment
Though i know i will regret it and lose my freedom and independence
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Are you a member of any societies at University yet?
Volg Paterson
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If you wish to continue living where you are I would strongly advice you make multiple friend groups, maybe some you see at the job or at uni or at the gym or at the coffee shop. After doing so if one seems busy for you,or you get into an argument you can turn to another friend for advice and help.

Family is quite important and I understand losing something your used to seeing regularly can be unfortunate, Go visit them if you can or face time. Talking to people is the best way to cure depression so make sure you don't stay at home. Force yourself to get out for a walk in the park.

To find someone you love isn't easy but the day will come, make sure you take the opportunity if you find the one the worst that can happen always more worse than it seems when your negatively minded.

Learn to meet new people, if there is one lesson I want you to learn after reading its to ensure your social interaction will be high in the future.

Moving back isn't out of the picture and you shouldn't think you were wrong and a failure, instead think moving out wasn't for me, now ive learn't from my mistakes I am going to live a new life in which I am the protagonist of.

How long have you moved out for?
Do you eat 3 meals a day and get sleep ? If the answer isn't yes then get this sorted ,

Go do some yoga.
Screw other people that laugh at you.
unless they cross the line of course.
then you put them on the right side of the line.

If you believe in GOD I hope this helps:
"God gave you this life because he knew you were strong enough to live it"
If not remember march on.

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