UCLAN OR CZECH for medicine ? Watch

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I would like to know which would be a better option to study medicine .. UCLAN OR CZECH REPUBLIC
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UCLAN is great,
Czech Republic is also great - but would more suit a very self-assured student who can easily cope with different cultures and experiences.

For example a friend rented a beautiful house near to Praha. great value, it even had an indoor swimming pool! (AMAZING!)
except. The indoor swimming pool was empty, so that meant that when you walked around the house, after a great dinner with beer & sausages, there was a small chance that you would fall down 1.6 metres onto a hard ceramic tiled HOLE. Apparently although the landlord had permission from the local mayor to build the indoor swimming pool, he never received permission from the local water company to fill it. It was illegal to simply fill from the tap. Oh, and I'm editing as I forgot to mention that the local electric company refused to supply power for the indoor pool filter pumping system too....

The solution, obviously was to find a private water company with a truck and 100 tonnes of potable H2O, which had to be ordered in Czech language, and fit a smaller pump
I'm sure that life & study in Czech republic would throw-up the odd quirky situation , that a med student who ought to be concentrating on learning, would have to deal with. So UCLAN would obviously be simpler, and suit much more the 'average student', if there is such a thing.
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