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Hi, so over the last month or so I sometimes feel as if my breathing becomes restricted. Despite my GP dismissing it, I had an ECG done and nothing out of the ordinary was seen in my heart. Should I still be worried?
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Okay I'm not a doctor but this happened to my mum last year-
my mum was feeling very sick and wheezy and she went to the doctor TWICE and they ignored it.
A week later she was feeling incredibly sick, she was just lying down all the time, her temperature kept fluctuating
by the end she was hallucinating and the ambulance came and she had pnueomia ( i spelt that VERY wrong, sorry) and was pre sepsis
the moral of the story is you can never be too sure!
My mum is better now, however last year she was very ill. Her lungs aren't really what they used to be.
She's NEVER drank nor smoked nor took drugs.
However she was really stressed.
I hope this helps!

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