Almost losing conscience, then sleeping pills wake me up Watch

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I've got a problem. I have trouble sleeping. If I fall asleep, I can sleept for 8, 10, sometimes 11 hours, but I have large difficulties in falling asleep. I have a feeling that I'm "too tired to sleep" I feel something strange in my head that reminds me pain and excessive heat, but it's not any of them. Anyway, it's a hopeless case to fall asleept with these, I can lie on bed, and I have to spend there 4 hours in darkness, before I finall fall asleep, and sometimes even that doesn't help.

What's interesitng, it doesn't matter how long do I sleep. If I sleep less than 7 hours, the next day is a nightmare and I'm no use for anything, but when I sleep more, I still often feel not extatly having energy, and sometimes I have this strike of heat/pain in my head, then I have to close my eyes, otherwise I feel like I'm going to lose my consciense and fall off my chair.

Once a doctor prescribed me Zolpidemi tartas, which is used to cure sleeping troubles. While it made it easier for me to fall asleep, I've noticed the medicine doesn't actually make me sleepy. On the contrary, I noticed that after taking that, I begin to feel relaxed and have more energy.

I carry my pills with me, as I also have to take Escitalopramum for my depression, which I often forget about. This lead me to discover something odd.
Once I had a meeting at work. I felt bad, had this heat/pain feeling, could barely stay conscious, had to keep my eyes closed not to fall off my chair, it was awful. I felt absolutely terrible and was desperate, so knowing the strange effects, I took a half o my sleeping pill... After 15 minutes the strange heat/pain feeling went away, I could open my eyes again, and listen to what is being said. So I took another half, this brought me back normal strenght and I could participate in the meeting and rest of the work normally.

Does anybody have an idea, what is wrong with me? It's completely insane, I can't sleep at night, sometimes I can barely stay conscious during the day, no matter how long did I sleep on the night before, and sleeping pills make me woke instead of sleepy! What on the world is that?
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Maybe try a new pillow
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