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Hi, this post is more just out of curiosity more than anything.
I'm a 20 year old student. Basically after prolonged social interactions I just physically can't do it anymore. No matter who it is. Like it is impossible. I'm not shy by any means. To give you a good example. Last year during the summer I went with my family on a vacation. I met a girl there, basically had a lot of fun on one day and then I literally didn't speak a single word the next day. Next day, awesome, the day after we were in a group and I didn't speak for over an hour and she asked me if I was fine. And it was a mixture for a couple of days. At the end she told me she doesn't get me. Sometimes I'm really cool and then other times I'm the most boring person ever and seem like I don't care. Same pattern with family members. Same pattern with girls I go on dates with. I mostly spend time in my room, with headphones on. Only time I leave outside of uni or walks is to go and train. Once again, that's always fine because I don't have to talk for more than 5 minutes. People always chat and I just train in silence. Any idea why that is? I'm not sure I'm an introvert. I will go out and be very charismatic and enjoy it. But if it's more than once in a while I will go insane or just be physically unable to do it. Like, I literally drift off, my thoughts just go off to something else. Or when someone tries to engage me in a conversation I just have an urging sense to leave, can't wait till I finally can be on my own. I'm only posting because people are pointing it out. But I cannot force myself to fight it. My mind is completely blank and I wanna leave. Is this some sort of a disorder? Or am I just me and meh. Honestly, I'm not unhappy. I never thought about it until last year when that girl pointed it out. It was always normal to me. Thanks .
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Hmm, this is interesting i'm exactly the same. I'm not shy at all, I've given speeches and presentations in front of almost a thousand people and when I want to I can have great social interactions and get called charming, articulate, etc. but I find myself not wanting to/unable to care for any interaction a lot of the time and my mind will switch off wishing I was just alone... I couldn't even do it if I forced myself when this happens or you'd know something was off

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