Im not straight. Im not normal. Watch

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I just have. So many problems with the way I am. I just dont feel normal. Im having another period of self loathing then I will wake up and be lazy. Then hyper. Then anxious. Its 2am right now and I have just turned 16. Im scared and crying I dont know why. Im looking at the prom I didnt go to. I dont care about it. Not “i dont care about it but I do” like I couldnt give two shits. Im looking at past friends. Im not like anyone here. Im not normal. Im not normal. I feel like Im going mad. I dont know what is wrong with me. I need advice. Im ok. But I feel theres something to cure me I need a cure so I can stop this stupidness. Help. I could be another lazy ****ing stupid thot and not care or dumbass ****boy hey look at me im the class clown. I have some sort of thing that prevents me being a normal person who can have fun. I want to have fun. But then again I wouldnt want to be a “fun” me. I dont know. **** sake. I think God puts me in suffering so my inevitable success will be that much more rewarding. Then I think this is a *****y mindset. You egotistical sad sack. Its like a sitcom of different people in me oh **** sake why am I like this. Jesus.
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Hi, this is sad to read.

I’m a 25 year old gay man and found it extremely difficult to confide in anyone about my sexuality.

I felt alone like you and also angry with myself and everyone around me.

At the age of 15, I started to accept who I am and decided to let one person know.

This person was a close female friend of the same age. She said “I already knew”.

I then had a moment of joy. I’d been accepted by my friend.

As time passed I got the courage to tell more people.

Now I’m fully open and accept who I am, I don’t even think about these times anymore.

I hope you can find that one friend.
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