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I have African Caribbean dark skin and I have my self harm scars since year 10. They are flat and dark and I want to fade them since I will be going to university in September and want to join a pole fitness society which requires me to show skin. Any advice would be helpful.
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Hi there,
Really sorry to hear you've had such struggles in the past.
If your scars really concern you, here's a few tips.
-Though my scars are just from acne (and I'm light-skinned), I found that going out in the sun (with suncream on) and getting a tan helped my scars fade more quickly, though they are still visible. I'm not sure how this would work for other skin tones though, and dermatologists probably wouldn't recommend this!
-Sometimes a little bit of foundation, or even tinted moisturiser, can greatly reduce the visibility of scarring (though it may not cover it entirely and may come off during your classes).
- If you have the money and are not averse to tattoos, you can get some beautiful ones done!

However, in all honesty, the scars you have today are proof that you've made it through difficult times of your life- if you're worried about what people may think, I completely understand but you may find that a lot of people don't notice or are not bothered by it :-).
Some of my close friends have scarring, but I have never seen anyone commenting on it or even noticing it. I accept them for who they are, including what happened to them in the past- and hopefully you will also make such friends when you go to uni!

Above all else though, don't let issues with your skin hold you back from doing what you want.
Hope this helps!

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