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Hey - I went to sit my literacy & numeracy tests as required in order to study for a PGCE. I sat the literacy test without incident & was happy to receive the news that I had passed - I HAVE THE OFFICIAL LETTER CONFIRMING I PASSED THE LITERACY TEST, however when I then went through to sit the numeracy test I noticed my date of birth on my details was incorrect, instead of my DOB the date of test was listed as my DOB. I pointed this out to the invigilator & was told that I would not be able to sit the test & that my literacy test would also be invalid as the DOB was incorrect & all results are linked to DOB. I defintely WOULD NOT make this mistake - I know my own date of birth! Also, the DOB is entered on a previous registration page & the tests are offered on a drop down screen (box) on a different page so how could I have possibly made this error myself. I was told it was my error & that I had forfeited my first free attempt in each test. On top I had travelled a long way to sit the tests & the whole ordeal was incredibly upsetting/ distressing.

Am I the only person this has happened to?!!
Is there anyone else who has had this experience & received a more sympathetic response from the test centre?

Thanks a lot.

Isn't it the reposibility of the test centre to check the details of the booking against our 2 identification documents?
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I'm afraid I haven't had this issue, but that does sound like a real PITA.

I'd suggest you call or email to complain to the details provided here:

Hopefully they will be able to help you!

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