I want to quit take my antidepressant and therapy all together Watch

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I want to stop taking my antidepressant but I know that would be impossible since I try to kill myself in late April and had to have the police do a wellness check. So I stop them altogether. I try to complain about the mental health service but they did nothing. They use to say I was "emotionally unstable" which I disagree (I'm not diagnosed with a personality disorder). I don't know if it is my cousin (she kept telling me over text that she going to kill herself and show me pictures of her self harming) that help persuade me that mental health service in our area sh*t. She also refuses to go to a and e, even though my mum offer to drive her to a and e. I don't want to call the police on her because I don't want to push her away. I have to wait a year to get therapy (they didn't know what therapy they want me to do, so I'm doing group therapy). The one I saw to get help told me being religious will help me.
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I`m sorry to hear that.
Are you boy or girl? How old are you?
Why are you and your cousin so suicidal?

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