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Most people associate Clearing with A Level Results Day and the hotline you might call if your grades weren't quite what you were expecting. However it's much more than that. Clearing is actually already open and remains open for the summer.

This means if you've got your results you don't have to wait until the 15 August to get your place.

There's a few reasons why applying early is a good idea.

1. Miss the rush
This seems like an obvious one but is worth pointing out. If a shop opens at nine but you know it’s going to be packed with visitors at 11, then you would go earlier. This is exactly how early Clearing should be treated if you have your results. Missing the rush will give you more time on the phone to speak to admissions and course tutors.

2. More time to make up your mind
The decision to go to university is huge. You have lots to consider; the course, the location, where you’ll live and of course which university is for you. Therefore it seems wise to give this as much thought as you can. You may feel you need to get a place as soon as you can to satisfy your family, friends, teachers and yourself. Applying ahead of results day will mean you won’t have this added pressure and will have the time to mull an offer over for a few days.

3. More opportunity to research courses
Applying early gives you time to fully research the university and course you’re planning on joining. No matter what stage you come into Clearing we recommend doing at least a bit of basic research before confirming your decision. However, applying early allows you to fully research universities so you can make sure you are totally happy with how you’re spending all that money.

4. More time to sort accommodation
Accommodation and where you will be living is a big part of the decision making process. Knowing you’ll be staying in nice secure accommodation should be a high priority on your list. As well as being able to fully research your accommodation, applying early can also help guarantee you a place in halls. Many universities will have a first come first served policy when it comes to allocating rooms during Clearing.

5. Peace of mind
Getting your place at uni sorted and out of the way means you can get on with the rest of your Summer without having it on your mind. You won’t be counting down to 15 August, you won’t be worried about the rush and there won’t be any stress over busy Clearing hotlines.

If you need more info about applying through Clearing once you've gotten your BTEC results we have lots more info here.

If you're interested in seeing what courses we have avaialble in early Clearing, check out our course list.

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