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Hey all,

Just wondering if there is anyone who is applying to/studying on/completed the DClinPsych at Oxford who may have some advice on what to do or what you're currently doing to get into Oxford for this doctorate - what kinds of roles to go for during clinical experience, what research, any extra curricular or volunteer work, etc.

This sept I will be starting a conversion psychology masters at Bristol Uni, with the aim of going on to do a doctorate in Clinical Psychology at Oxford. I'll obviously, post masters go on to do some clinical experience before applying to Oxford (and other institutes).

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Go and have a look on www.clinpsy.org.uk - spend a few months reading lengthy threads on that forum.

The wanting to apply for oxford, don't really know what to make of that, you get to apply for four different places on the clinical doctorate. Each place is looking for slightly different things.

There's a very wide range of experience for people who are successful have getting on the DClinPsy. There's an appropriate thread on there that's 25 pages detailing experiences from about 15 years ago to the present day. The answer to what work/voluntary experience would depend on what you have already.

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