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(Original post by Vetrix42)
Good Afternoon, I am hoping to study Medicine in the future. I will be doing Bio, Chem, Physics & History. People saying that 4 A-Levels has no benefit other 3 is mostly true. However, there are exceptions. For example, I am going to an elite school in September and they have to do 4 A-Levels compulsory. This was recommended by Ofsted in order for the school to offer a balanced curriculum instead of people doing the traditional Maths, Bio, Chem they wanted variation so the inclusion of a humanity etc. Therefore, Universities are aware of such schools that have been recommended by Ofsted to do 4 subjects and take that into account. That's why when I apply I will put about how doing 4 subjects has helped my time management skills etc. Also, what you'll find is that schools that compulsively do four A-Levels get better grade than schools that do three A-Levels.
You're going to an elite school which would make sense that the grades will be excellent and the teaching/support will be exceptional enough to support students who want to go above and beyond of what they're expected.

The problem is that a school like yours is extremely rare and the majority of schools in the UK don't have the facilities to support students as much as yours. I also reckon that because your school performs so well and most students will be from wealthy/well-educated backgrounds, Ofsted/universities expect your school to perform at a certain standard, possibly higher than other more regular schools.
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(Original post by telkov)
After A LOT of deliberation and having to change choices after my induction day, I've settled on either bio/chem/geography/history OR bio/chem/physics and history. I'm interested in medicine/biomedicine and I am very dedicated to my studies, but I was worried that these options might backfire and the workload may be too much? I am leaning towards the history option, whilst I know physics will be far more helpful and I'm predicted higher grades, because I enjoy it more and I don;t think I can do as well in Physics A-level because of the maths (I like maths, but not enough for A level but enough for chemistry)... I just wanted some opinions/advice?

P.s my predicted grades (if that helps):
Bio - 8 (working at 9)
Chem - 8 (working at 9)
Physics - 9
Geography - 9
History - 8
Maths - 8
To be honest even though the workload is a lot and quite a jump from GCSE’s, it’s managable. It’s all about time management basically.You need at least 2 sciences to do medicine. Pick whichever you want for the others. Also, Uni’s only require you to have 3 A levels. You can do 4, but I think there’s no point really. However, like me, you can choose to do 4 subjects for AS and then drop one subject in year 13. That way at least you have an AS in your 4th subject.

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