University grade inflation - is our degree classification system just a joke now? Watch

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(Original post by NotNotBatman)
Fantastic news!
Every year there has been pressure to increase teaching standards and to better facilitate those studying for degrees. The methods have worked and we are grading on quality of work, not a bell curve as far as I'm aware. What's there to complain about?
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I agree with this. People are better, teaching is better, resources are better. Some will say 'Where's muh distinction?' but that comes from work experience and extra curriculars - gaining evidence of skills that make you valuable.
I think its all about incentives. If there were no incentives for unis to inflate their grades, I'd be open to considering this possibility. But that's not the case - there are massive incentives to just give more people firsts.

Lets look at the TEF teaching standards results - firstly, you'll note there's been no significant increase in the number of unis getting top grades there. But we can also look at individuals - of the unis I mentioned who had huge grade inflation, Staffordshire, West London, UCL, Durham and Northumbria didn't even achieve Gold - they all got Silver. So there is objective evidence of a complete disconnect between the unis that are awarding more firsts, and the unis being assessed as having good teaching.

I also have to ask: given that Surrey gives out 48% firsts, the highest in the country, does that mean that you guys actually believe its the best university in the country?

Furthermore, the anecdotes regarding generous 'rounding' of 67s to firsts is a pretty strong backing of this.

I think you are wrong I'm afraid.
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Standardised exams or a national curriculum for universities wouldn't work as it would prevent universities from offering modules related to their research and expertise. It would effectively turn universities into an extension of the school system (we have to at least pretend that's not currently the case).

Is this actually a massive problem that warrants some kind of intervention?

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