My lifes got better but I'm more unhappy thanever why? Watch

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So I'll give a bit of background about me.

So I'm 19, I've almost finished my dead end job at a warehouse after my gap year. I took my gap year beacuse I was immature and didn't feel ready for university, I needed to sort my life out.

Over this year, my ocd issues don't really bother me anymore at all, I've now have plenty of money when I didn't have before, I've lost over 3 stone in 4 months and exercise regularly which I enjoy. I've almost finished work 4 weeks left before I relax and get ready for university.

However I feel more just unhappy and I don't really know why, I feel like i was happier when I was broke, fat, had ocd issues and accepting I had a year at a dead end job and recovering from a break up . I know it's not ocd I just don't understand why I feel so down but can't find a reason for it.

I don't know why I've felt this way the past month.

Does anyone know why i could be feeling like this ?
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You thrived off the challenge maybe?
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You’re about to make some big life changes and it’s normal to be apprehensive. More people feel this way than would probably admit.
Everything you know and are familiar with is moving in a different direction.
There are some pretty big expectations for your first year. You’re led to believe it’s the best time of your life and you only need to read some threads here to see how different the experience is for a lot of students.
The important thing is that you recognise that you’re struggling just a little bit. Do you have family, mum or dad you can talk to? Or a close friend you can trust.
If not then try your gp. And if you find it still difficult when you’re at uni then please talk to student support as soon as you can.
Look at what you’ve achieved so far and be proud of yourself
You can do this. Good luck

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