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Hi guys I’m looking for advice/other peoples experiences please.

So I’ve been looking at different opportunities for when I leave school next year. I was originally going to do sixth form but I’ve recently found a local girls football BTEC sport 2 year course and would really like to do it. I hope to have a job in sport in the future (potentially as a teacher or something) so the qualification would be good. I’ve been playing football all my life and the course is my ideal thing. Only problem is that I would have also liked to do a level maths but I don’t think this is possible with the course.

So my question is would I be able to do a level maths at home/ outside of school to get that extra qualification or would it be way to difficult? Also has anyone else done one of these BTEC sport football courses and did you enjoy it/ get a lot out of it??

Thanks all
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