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Naomi McMechen
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I'm an international student from the U.S and I don't really know how to act in England, and I was wonder what are the polite things to do in everyday situations, and what is the slang that people use? Just the basic run down on how to survive socially in liverpool.
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Socially, the USA isn't too different from the UK. I'd say British people are quieter, but that's not always true when it comes to British pubs. Football would probably be very popular in Liverpool (soccer, not American football). If you want to sound more English, try describing things as 'quite'. Instead of saying it's 'very good', say it's 'quite good'. Instantly more British. Speaking of which, pubs in Britain are quite common. I would imagine there are lots in Liverpool. Basically it's like a bar mixed with a restaurant. They are good hangout spots.

Contrary to the stereotype, most English people don't care about the Queen a whole lot, and are not avidly into crumpets. A lot of tea is drunk though, as is coffee. Sometimes people describe things as 'bloody'. As in, 'I'm so bloody tired'. It means very little, and is just an expression used to add emphasis to the sentence in question, acting as 'i'm so very tired'.

There is a lot of variety of accents in the UK, so as an American I don't think you'll be isolated much at all. People won't mind if you miss out on British slang. Most of it is pretty easy to pick up on anyways.

As for politeness, the standard is similar to the US. Say your pleases and thank yous' and you're fine. You'll know if you're not since you'll get a steely glare.

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