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Hey Guys,

Title pretty much sums it all up. I hate wearing it and I want to take it off but my parents will freak. Its not like I am young either but circumstances won't allow me to move out anytime soon.
I am tired of living a double life, of leaving the house with the hijab on and then removing it when I am outside.

I don't know what to do but I know that I can't life on like this.
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Yikes, that sounds really tough I'm sorry. If you still feel like you have a connection to the religion and believe in it, but you just don't care for the hijab, you could try and persuade your parents that you can still be a fab muslim and not wear the hijab, I've seen and heard of plenty of other women who are perfectly religious but choose not to wear certain garments. I don't know much about islam so I'm not sure if there was something else you could demonstrate to your parents to show dedication to the religion minus the hijab. I also thought you were allowed to not wear them in your homes anyway but it'll be different for each family ig.

However if you're not feeling a connection to the religion after all I'm not too sure because sounds like your parents would not like that. I guess do the above but lie that you still have faith, as awful as it is.

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