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I met this girl almost a year ago in this social event and had a group of us and we all became friends. I had a little crush on her but that was it at the time, as time goes, I told the boys in our group.

A couple of weeks later, she found out that I liked her via an awkward reason. After that, she didn't speak to me much but I thought that was because she was socially awkward. Her friend went on holiday so I tried to make her comfortable around me which, now that I look at. I tried too hard and I was stupid. She knows I like her but I've been told she doesn't like me back.

Anyways, after school started, our group didn't talk much but I'd occasionally see her at the train station, at first, we'd always give each other a nod to show we see each other, but now, even if she sees me, she tries to look away and not notice me.

Whenever I text her, she doesn't really reply with long answers and often answers with one worded answer. For example, I'd ask if she's fine because she was ill and she'd reply with yes.

I don't really know what to do now, even though I still kinda have a crush on her, I still want to stay as friends and not make it awkward forever. I want to be able to be good friends with her and be able to talk to her without her replying with one worded answers or just even meet up. Every time I ask her to meet up she always has a reason to say no. I understand that though because her reasons are genuine.

I know most of you are going to say "Move on" but I really want to make it less awkward and be friends and be able to talk or be close as good friends. Any advice would be nice but I don't want anything on the lines of "move on"
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She doesn't want to be your friend. Stop trying to force it.
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I'm sorry you're in this situation. Unfortunately your friends shared your private thoughts with her and they are the ones who, ultimately, made things awkward - but, of course, sometimes those revelations lead to positive outcomes. So, in your situation, you are going to be forced to just back off for a while. I know that is not what you want to hear but it is the truth. I'm sorry she's not interested in you and that has effected her comfort level interacting with you as a friend. She doesn't want to mislead you either by meeting up - even if you mean it platonically - she doesn't know if you might not ultimately want 'more' and probably doesn't want your other friends to think there might be 'something' between you two as more than friends.
How close of friends were you? If you two were pretty close and you texted and chatted and interacted well, and regularly, as friends then I'd suggest you just talk to her and tell her you only want to be buddies and absolutely nothing more and you have always valued her as a friend. If this was a relatively new friendship (less than a year) then you should just quietly back away. You should still stay in contact with your other friends in the group but stop contacting her and you might miss a few of the social outings where she may be. Then, slowly, rejoin the group when she is around. When you start seeing her around your other friends act naturally the same way you'd treat any girl in the group.
Don't text her. I know you don't really mean anything by your texting - you just want to be friends - but she is being made to feel uncomfortable and her one word replies are her way of expressing that to you.
As far as not acknowledging you at the train station it is hard for the girl who knows a guy is interested and she's not interested in return. It makes her feel uncomfortable and awkward because she also knows she's acting rudely but doesn't want to send mix signals to the guy so she just will ignore him.
Dating/friendships can be awkward but I would let this one go and don't dwell on the friendship for a while - she just needs space. There will be another to come along I promise!

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