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I’m an international student coming to the UK to study. I am currently on Sertraline (antidepressant) for my anxiety.

I was wondering if I would be able to get a prescription in the UK? I will be getting a letter from my doctor. But yeah.

Do I need to bring in my own medication? And if yes, do I need to declare it at the customs?

Or will I be able to obtain a prescription after registering with a GP?

Any ideas on how much a prescription would cost? As an international student, I’m entitled to the same NHS benefits as a UK Citizen.

Thanks in advance!
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Okay so when you come to the UK bring enough to last you a while (maybe enough for a month?), I don't think you need to declare it at customs but best thing to do is ask them to make sure. When you are in the UK as soon as you an register at a GP surgery and ask for an appointment with a GP. It will be a 10 minute slot with a doctor where you can say why you take sertraline and what dose, as long as they are happy with you taking that they will put it on a repeat prescription for you. You can order it online or at the prescriptions desk in the doctors surgery. It costs £9 for a prescription but depending on certain factors such as age and finance you may be entitled for free prescriptions. Maybe ask the pharmacist when you collect it the first time to see if you would be eligible for free prescriptions or a HC1 form

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