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Idk if I should continue talking to him or not. He did have psychosis before and he is suicidal. He has told me that he has attempted suicide and always tells me that he’s going to kill himself soon. I know he could just do it but idk if he’s just saying this for attention or is it for real. I mean I’ve seen he has set it up and he told me that he went hospital Cos he overdosed on paracetamol.
Me and him are just friends.
Sometimes I would go over to his house. I am a good listener and I listen to him and try and help him see positives and that but he’s too focused on death and he said he doesn’t want to get help at all despite me telling him to.
Recently, I feel like I’ve been treated like **** by him. He’s never there for me but then I don’t talk about myself to him anyway.
I feel like he only wants me for sex, he doesn’t have a high sex drive...he’s got a very low one but he said he had sexual fantasies about me and we did try and have sex...I’m a virgin and I was tight so don’t know if the d fully went in. I gave him head too and he said my head game is good, he did say “you really should give me head before I’m gone” he laughed when he said that. I did see his suicidal notes that he has written for his mum and stuff.
I love getting hugs and hugs is all I need sometimes but he doesn’t even hug me good... he’s not that into hugs and he told me he doesn’t like it all the time and he did say no to me when I tried to hug him. It feels like I’m not getting anything good out of it and I only want a hug. He has given me hugs before, but it feels like he doesn’t want to be affectionate towards me. I do understand that we are friends but I’m not quite sure if I should keep trying to help him and all. I do feel like I’m not getting anything back from him. We didn’t **** everyday or do sexual **** everyday
I’ve met him on Talklife and he’s posting there and not even replying to me or isn’t talking to me properly. He has got a job now so I do hope things go well for him and etc but I just wish he would communicate with me more 😔I feel so hurt.
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Sounds like a bull *****er.
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(Original post by random_matt)
Sounds like a bull *****er.
He is actually suicidal though, I’ve seen anonymous posts by him. I can tell it’s him because of the way he’s talking. I know I can’t force someone to get help if they actually don’t want it. I’m scared what if his pyschosis is coming back and he is maybe pushing me away
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