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I haven't been with my boyfriend long but I have known him a long time as we've been friends for years and he has never seemed like a player. Before we got together he was chatting to a girl up the road who seems to have caused him nothing but trouble. He said they were just friends as the girl had a jealous boyfriend and kids & I believed he'd always told me the full story until yesterday.

She has text him every day but he ignores her so she has been getting 2 friends to text him saying she likes him and to reply to her as the boyfriend isn't for her (even though he lives with her & they have a child). Anyway, he always categorically denied anything happened between them.

He received a text from her friend yesterday saying that the girl was pregnant and the baby was his. He sent me screen grabs as he was telling me & seemed really upset he said he hadn't been near her like that saying I knew him and knew he would tell me if he had. Once I looked at the screen grabs though it arose my suspicions because when her best friend said "Did u know she's pregnant and it's yours?" his reply was "Don't joke around" which kind of took me by surprise as that wouldn't have been my first words but later on the best mate said "I think you should do a pregnancy test with her and see as she has no reason to lie" to which he replied "I don't wanna see her, this is a set up!"

Now correct me if I am wrong but a denial of sleeping with her would have been the 1st reply? He never denied anything in the conversation just he didn't believe she was pregnant. Which makes me wonder but maybe he was freaked out and didn't know how to react because he kept asking for proof. Again though, why ask for proof if you haven't done anything?

I had built up years of trust with him over our friendship but I feel like he has been lying to me, I never believed he'd have touched her until I read those screen grabs and not once did he deny being intimate with her but always denies it to me. This happened before we were an item so I wouldn't have had an issue with it if he had of told me but because I feel like he is lying its become a huge issue. What should I believe? What should I do?
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Get her to do a paternity test with him. Like you said he didn’t deny sleeping with her.
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