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If someone were to graduate from the university of leeds in computer science with a 2:1 or 1st would they have good employement prospects?
Would they be able to get a job from FAANG especially google or facebook after 2 or 3 years of experience within the tech industry?
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It'll help you to apply for more graduate opportunities and will get you more interviews, but your prospects in terms of actually being hired depend on your skills and how well you're able to demonstrate your ability to an interviewer. Interviewers will ask a lot of challenging questions to probe your problem solving ability as well as the depth of your technical understanding, so it's how well you perform in those situations which will convince an interviewer of your potential and make them decide to offer the job.

What you do over the next 3 years at university in terms of making the most of the opportunities to learn and build your skills will be important, studying with the intention of really understanding the subject in depth, practise so that you can think your way around difficult problems, and build confidence with your technical ability, because that will help prepare you for going out to find work and more likely to help you grow into the kind of person that employers are looking for when they're hiring graduates.

That goes just as much for the really big companies as it does for smaller ones, although the bar is much higher but the thing which makes a difference really boils down to individual ability, so often the people who are most likely to succeed are those who have also spent a lot of their own time taking an active interest in exploring the subject, challenging themselves to solve difficult problems, etc.

One positive with Leeds as well as other large cities is that there's a busy tech scene/community with a lot of great tech companies in the area, and loads of tech events and meetup groups which you might be interested in being involved with - it can help to find out about things like local tech talks and meetups (those sorts of things are usually organised by the university as well as employers in the area), then become involved in those.
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