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im 18 in September and im late to driving.

ive had 10 previous house of experiance from November and am hoping to start up again soon.

I predict to be driving by the end of January, however next september I am going to uni far away, where I wont be able to afford to have a car.

is it worth buying a car to use for less than 8 months?

I mean after my 3 years of uni I could just take some refresher lessons and buy a car when im able to.

I would only use it for going to school and getting to work when I get a job.

is there much point in wasting my money when I would still be able to get to school and work without one?

the only reason I want a car is because I have waiting hours for my parents to pick me up after school, especially on days that I finish early and by having a car I would be able to look at jobs further away as my town isn't really hiring at the moment.

as well as this I don't feel that it is fair to rely on my parents and so I hope that by having a car I would gain some more inderpendence and confidence.
Dunnig Kruger
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You could always go to your nearest reputable car auction. Buy something cheap to insure and that will be legal on the road (MOT, legal tyres etc) for £200 or less. Sell it to someone in the year below you or to a scrapyard when you want rid of it.

Your biggest single cost will be insurance. So you might an well keep it for a year. Drive very safely and build up 1 years no claims bonus.

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