Can you have sex without pulling back the foreskin?

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I am a virgin and I have never been able to pull back my foreskin over the head of my penis. I can get it about halfway with some discomfort but the hole is too small. I can masturbate without any discomfort and I think I do it normally but I'm worried about having sex as I heard a guy in my school tried to have sex without pulling his foreskin back and it ripped and he had to go to the hospital. Is it possible to put a condom on with the foreskin pulled up and have sex without this happening. I think I may have an opportunity to lose my virginity this time next week so if anybody could help me I'd really appreciate it.
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Yes you can have sex using a condom without retracting your foreskin. A tight foreskin is very common and there is nothing you can do to cause it or make it worse, treatment is available should you need or want it.

The reason for retracting your foreskin when putting on a condom is to increase sensation. Without a condom the foreskin naturally moves back and forth. A condom restricts this movement so condom manufactures recommend you retract your foreskin before putting on the condom. Not everyone likes this sensation or finds this step necessary - it's a personal choice thing.

You do want to be able to retract your foreskin over the head of your penis to clean behind it.

I'd recommend practicing in the shower or bath, just being very gentle moving it a little back each time. The exposed penis will be extremely sensitive, this is normal. As for 'hearing' that someone ripped their foreskin, that's highly unlikely. Be gentle - don't force it, each time you have a bath or shower try to move it a little further back.

If you're finding your unable to clean properly or have any other complications (pain, infection, problems with basic functions) or just want a second opinion and a bit of support to overcome the issue - pop along to your doctor. They'll prescribe you some steroid cream and some stretching actives to do.

If that doesn't work, depending on the severity of the issue or your desire for treament they may recommend surgery. It's always your choice and there's nothing to worry or be embarrassed about.
(This article is a bit poor IMO, it's written from both a male patient and parent's/guardian's perspective and also covers paraphimosis which is a rare medical event rather than a common condition.)
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Hi. Im 15 years old and have been masterbating for a few years. During ******* I never pull back my foreskin. When I try to it feels very uncomfortable and tight. It's also attached still. I don't know how rare these things are. I've not been to the doctors but if I should then I'll go. I've heard using a cream to make the foreskin more loose. Any suggestions in what cream? Also is it normal to have a attachment in that area?

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