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Hi, I'm a student from Indonesia interested in applying to UBC, UoT and Waterloo for 2020 to study computer science (my main choice is waterloo coop). I am studying for A levels now and doing quite well, but I am concerned about my chances as I have not taken IGCSE (I switched to the British curriculum in tenth grade). What are my chances?

A levels (predicted)
Biology: A*
Chemistry: A*
Physics: A*
Maths: A*

IGCSE (will be taking in the same series as my A levels to fulfill waterloo's English requirement)
English as a First Language: predicted A

TOEFL: 111/120

I am active in student council and flag bearing for ceremonies.

Any response would be a great help
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Hello, I just finished my first year at UNC and have some international acquaintances. Based on your grades I really don’t think you’ll have any trouble getting in - at all. However, for UBC and Toronto, a very important part of the application that is considered almost in an equal level with grades is the personal statement. This is where you write various short compositions on questions such as the following: why you’ve chosen UBC, why you think you’ll be a good fit, what your accomplishments are, etc. They’re all in this spirit and are often challenging to answer in a way that is convincing, passionate, interested and mature. Also, extracurricular are quite important, they want students who are well-rounded and participation in sports is often helpful for admission, it certainly doesn’t hurt your chances. So, you’re grades seem very respectable but often that’s not enough, just consider how you could show your versatility as a student and individual. Hope this was helpful
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Thank you for the input!

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