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I'm interested in the BSc in Natural Sciences, following either the Astronomy and Planetary Sciences pathway or the Physics pathway. This is mostly for the sake of interest but any boost to employability is a welcome bonus. Would be great if someone could answer a few questions.

1 - I work part time 25 hours a week with few other commitments. I'd like to go at a pace where I can enjoy and appreciate the course but completing in over 4 years is not an option, so I'm considering doing either 90 or 120 credits in the first and second years. I've heard that first year in many of the undergraduate courses at OU start out slow and ramp up year by year, making me think this is possible. Is this a bad idea? I graduated 10 years ago with a humanities degree and I have A Levels in Maths and Chemistry, not that I remember much of the content.

2 - The format of every year including the first seems to be set around doing the course no more then 60 credits a year, with there being a rough order of doing each module e.g. Questions in Science (S111, Oct and Feb start dates) being completed before SM123 (October start date only), and MST124 (Oct and Feb start dates) before or at least alongside SM123. Because of this, how possible is it to do 90 - 120 credits at once? In the first year and further years.

3 - Anyone that has been on these courses, how have you found it?
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For question 1, I think I probably should have taken stage 1 in a single year. The only thing that was rough was MST124. But it will only be review if you have an A-Level in Maths. I was working full time, and had a newborn and a kid in primary school, at the time. I hesitate actually advising someone else to do that, but it's what I would do if I had it to do over again. (Especially if I were working part time.)

For question 2, I don't think you need to worry all that much at stage 1, since you have an A-Level in Chemistry. You'll have more than the requisite knowledge to take all three modules at the same time. There should be an Are You Ready For quiz to help if you're at all unsure. Not doing the Natural Science degree, I'm afraid I can't help with modules beyond that.

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